Final book cover

For this project i conducted several multiple experiments of different mediums to explore which medium would best suit my verb.  We were given a verb to conduct these experiments- mine was ‘unravel’. After conducting several experiments (some are shown below)

i found a medium i was comfortable with and quickly perfected using- glass paint. We had to find a noun that was related to our original verb that inspired our previous experiments- i settled with ‘mystery’ Below are the experiments i conducted with glass paint on a reflected surface-

After i perfected the technique, i learnt that our final project is going to be a book cover, secondary type would not be appropriate to place on a reflected surface so i did it for the last time to make secondary type more readable. Below is the final background image that i used for the title page of my book cover. Final Background.jpg

Below is my final book cover.

Book cover-HAMDA.jpg

I wanted my book cover to complement  my noun- ‘mystery’. The texture and design mimic smoke and subtle movement which is appropriate for the noun. The texture of the glass liner also imitate twisted and woven threads (unravel). I wanted to incorporate my original verb meaning into my last  word and that is how i chose to do so. Overall, i learned to work with secondary type and incorporate it in an image as well as learn to combine digital type with hand made typography.




001 (1)001 (2)001 (4)001 (3)

This project is a satire booklet consisting of 20 steps on ‘how to ruin the GCC’.

All the steps are factual and actually did happen. The creator is pro Qatar and poking fun at all of the things the blockading countries did to Qatar. The language is ironic and is not meant to be taken seriously at all. The style of this booklet is minimal and consists of mostly only illustrations. It is a political message belittling the countries that blockaded Qatar.


After several group critiques & critiques with my professors, i used guidelines for my final A1 poster.Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 11.20.12 PM.png

The sentence is purposely place like that as if it was a cut, i wanted the paragraph to be gathered in one placed and not separated.

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 11.19.41 PM.png


1. How did you personally contribute to the collaboration today?
I took full charge of the iPads, i carefully picked the videos that were exhibited as well as helped create a clean environment painted the walls black and sticking black vinyl to shift the audiences attention to the iPads and text only.
2. What did you personally contribute to the collaboration today?
• What did you make?
The videos & environment and tried to create an experience.
• Research?
I researched several different videos and thought about which ones would ‘hit’ the audience more/ make the audience understand the link between the movie and the video.
• Discover?
How to create a space that encourages the viewer to move around & what to look at first.
• Experiment with?
Senses and how to play around with them in my favor.
3. What risks did you take today? Why and how?
Having all the iPads play at once was an intentional design decision to make the audience feel attacked (how Qatar feels). I was worried that the audience would not understand the intention behind it but i took that risk and they did.
4.  Reflecting on what has happened today, what did you learn or discover about yourself?
About the design process? About time management?
I think i have always been a perfectionist, if i had time i would have changed the enter type because the edges had slight paint on them.
I think us as a group finished our work accordingly and i am proud of what we accomplished in this short period of time.


1. Brief description:
Our group created an environment which invites the viewers into a space directly linking Le balloon rouge to the blockade of Qatar. We presented 3 iPads on each side of the wall, the 3 iPads on the right are purposely bigger than the 3 iPads on the left, this is because we wanted the audience to focus more on the blockade and listen to what is played. We played with senses all the music and sounds were purposely overlapping each other to make the audience feel attacked (Just like how Qatar was attacked by the blockading countries.) At the end of our installation the Quranic verse is presented ان مع العسر يسرا with hardship comes ease.
We researched the videos as our ideas are simple and if  we wanted to carefully execute it and pick it so that the audience would make direct comparisons to each.
How the movie is really related to the blocked in terms of bullying mostly.
Multimedia, lighting creating physical space, fabric, vinyls, paper, drilling, hangers, ropes, wood, paint, glossy spray

2. One of our main concerns was that the audience wouldn’t understand what we were trying to convey. However they understood how the GCC crisis could be related to the Red Balloon being bullied. Another concern that we had as a group was, how is the audience going to know where they were supposed to go, would they pay attention to the gold and silver lines we places? Or just walk through and not look down? Other than that, we managed to solve all our other problems in a way that articulates what we envisioned when finalizing the ideas.

3. We told the audience to follow the path on the floor to know which screens to look at first.

4. We honored our audience instead of belittling their intelligence, we made a direct link to the movie and blockade for our audience to connect the dots which we think was very successful because everyone understood it.